VRobot Now Lets You Obliterate Vrump Tower

Defend the Earth against insane robots through an unlikely means: Destruction!

Wacky virtual reality title VRobot just got wackier. Normally, Luden.io’s destruction simulator is all about taking down old infrastructure buildings and harnessing the power of tornadoes to rip a city full of evil robots apart, which is already pretty intense. Many buildings in the game reflect real-world locations, including one of the most recent additions: Vrump Tower.

Of course, it’s intended as a parody on Trump Tower and not designed to be taken seriously. Luden.io included the building to give players who have “aesthetic disagreements” with it to “crash a virtual doppelganger without any consequences”. VRobot is set in New York and many other popular cities around the world, and implements a score and target system to help players acclimatise to controlling the robot.

Interested players can check out VRobot on Steam today for $14.99 USD. Do note it requires a virtual reality headset (HTC Vive or Oculus Rift) in order to run.