Dishonored Updated with First Post-Release Patch, Adds Multi-Screen Support on PC

Dishonored has been updated with a number of fixes for the game.

Dishonored patch 1.2

Bethesda and Arkane Studios have just released the first major update for Dishonored, which is now available on the PC, PS3 and 360 versions of the game. The patch should automatically download when you start up the game–or Steam, as the case may be. 

For the PC version, the patch adds support for playing the game on multiple screens and fixes a bug which caused game settings to not be saved if Steam was offline. 

The update also comes with numerous new fixes and tweaks, which rework the "Choke" non-lethal interaction so you don't find yourself choking the air when you're intending to knock someone out. 

Also fixed are interactions with Granny Rags that invalidated non-lethal playthroughs, and a variety of crash issues. The Granny Rags fill will work for savegames even after your final encounter with the character, so you won't have to start a new game or reload from a previous save point.

Here are the patch notes in full:

– Support for playing the game on multiple screens.
– Game Settings are now saved and restored properly even when using Steam offline.
– Fixes for some interactions with Granny Rags that invalidated nonlethal playthroughs under certain circumstances. (Note: These fixes work even for savegames AFTER the final Granny Rags encounter.)
– Fix for a crash that could happen during loading/transition between areas – notably near Dr. Galvani’s house.
– Reworked “Choke” interaction to make it more reliable in valid contexts.
– Fixed minor localization issues (PS3/360).
– Fixed global post-process that sometimes worked improperly during some missions.
– Fix for a rare crash that could happen when killing a NPC with a possessed rat and spring razor (PS3/360)

Dishonored is set to receive a DLC called the Dunwall City Trials next week. It'll be out on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Details of the DLC can be found here.