The Indie Royale Winter Bundle Has Arrived

You know the deal: a bunch of great indie games for one super low price.

Tis the season for great deals on games, and even know Black Friday is behind us, there are still plenty of ways to save. Like the Indie Royale, which just unveiled their latest assortment: the Winter Bundle.

For the next six days, one will be able to nab Greed Corp, Hamlet, Conquest of Elysium 3, Leave Home, and They Breathe, along with the package's headline attraction, Bit.Trip Runner for just one low price:

For those unfamiliar with how Indie Royale works: you can have all the games listed so long as you pay the current minimum (which as of this writing is just $5.30). Over time, that minimum will go up, so if you're a total cheapskate, put your money down now.

Or, be a good person and put down the suggested amount of $15. There are perks for being generous as well; $8 or more gets you some music, plus the top purchaser will also receive a Conquest of Elysium 3 laptop skin, mouse pad, and iron-on patch (the price to beat, again at the moment, is $115.17)

All the games are available for the PC, with a few having Mac and Linux versions as well. Again, this deal will last only six days, so hurry. After that, you'll have the Xmas Bundle to ponder, in three weeks.