Six New PSone Classics From Japan Coming Stateside For Six Bucks A Pop

Which means six less games you have to pay $00+ to some guy on eBay.


GungHo Online Entertainment, which is mostly known for providing Ragnarok Online for American audiences and producing Ragnarok DS as well, will be bringing forth six rather obscure PlayStation 1 games from Japan to the US, via the PlayStation Network.

Each are available right now and can be found in the imports section of the PlayStation Store, in the PSone Classics area. Each title, aside from making their debut in America, are also relatively scarce in their homeland as well.

Meaning, even if you had the appropriate hardware to play such software, i.e. an original PlayStation that can run Japanese games, they would cost you a pretty penny. But right here, right now, they're just $5.99 a pop.

The assortment includes (descriptions are courtesy of the publisher):

  • Makeruna Makendo 2: "A quirky, high-energy fighting game which includes magic attacks on top of the usual stable of special and melee attacks. Players can use magic to increase their HP, increase attack strength and lower enemy defense powers in order to take down their opponents."
  • Art Camion Sugorokuden: "Presented in a board game-style where dice rolls determine how far trucks move, players can explore Japan aboard a customizable ‘art truck’ and unlock upgrades with which to decorate their vehicles as they complete deliveries."
  • Finger Flashing: [pictured above] "As a young witch named Poi begins her final witchcraft exam, she is suddenly attacked by monsters. Utilizing a familiar rock, paper scissors-style balanced magic combat system, players must successfully form multiple combos to keep the hordes of incoming monsters at bay."
  • Lup Salad: "lassic puzzle-style gameplay is given a twist in this creative puzzle title where players control Salad, a character who is dropped onto the traditional puzzle board and must move each puzzle piece herself. Players must be careful when matching up tiles on the game board though; if they complete one pattern while blocks remain above Salad, she will be crushed and the game will end."
  • Zanac x Zanac: "A definitive arcade-style top-down scrolling sci-fi game, ZANACxZANAC packages the classic 8-bit ship-based shooter ZANAC with its sequel, ZANAC NEO. The Auto Level Control system automatically adjusts the game difficulty to match player skill, so 8- and 16-bit sci-fi shooter veterans and newbies alike can enjoy the chaos and fun of blasting everything in space to bits with a variety of weapons."
  • Vehicle Cavalier: "A fast-paced vehicle action game that gives players the ability to customize their armaments. Weapons, boosters and special defensive items that cancel out enemy attacks can be mixed and matched to allow players to strategize their vehicle load outs."

Each game can be played on either a PS3 or PSP. Unfortunately, they are (as of yet) unavailable for the PSVita.