PlayStation Plus Free VR Game That’s You Trophy List Revealed

That’s You VR title trophy list revealed.

That’s You is an upcoming free PlayStation Plus game currently available for PlayStation VR owners. You can either play with your couch buddies, or with random people online. That’s You features a total of 28 trophies according to Exophase, including a Platinum trophy for those interested.

Here are the description of a number of trophies:


  • Know-All – Obtain all trophies


  • Prolific Creators – Play a Six-player game that uses six drawings or questions that you made
  • Veteran – Play thirty games
  • Broad Knowledge – Get a full consensus in every game mode
  • Color-full – Use every drawing color at least once in single game
  • Joker Full House – Everyone play a Joker on a full consensus in a Three to Six-player game
  • Close Call – Finish a Three to Six-player game with all players’ scores within 400 points of each other


  • Authority – Play a game that uses a question that you made
  • Doodling – Play a game that uses a drawing that you made
  • Well-Travelled – Play through all ten areas of the game
  • Planning Ahead – End a game with no Jokers
  • Friends Without Borders – Play an online game of That’s You!
  • Peas In a Pot – Get a high score in a Two-player game

For non-PlayStation Plus owners, the VR title is priced at €19.99.