Bioshock Infinite Cosplayer is Cast as the Official Face of Elizabeth

The cosplayer who captured our attention last year has been cast as the official face of Elizabeth.

bioshock infinite

Not too long ago, we hosted a gallery [see it here] featuring the likes of Anna Moleva, who often goes by “Ormeli” on the internet, for her wonderful portrayal of one of Bioshock Infinite’s main characters, Elizabeth, whom the story revolves around. 

Her uncanny portrayal of Elizabeth has impressed not just us, but the folks at Irrational Games to such a degree that they’ve conscripted her to become involved in the development of the game’s promotional materials, where she is going to model Elizabeth within the game’s key art, box covers, and an upcoming television ad.

Ken Levine, the maker of Bioshock Infinite, posted some recent headshots on the IG Blog that Anna sent over to Irrational Games to align with the game’s model. The results are nothing short of astounding—she really does look like Elizabeth, as if her cosplay wasn’t proof enough.


In addition to her portrayal as Elizabeth, Anna Moleva has also done bang-on portrayals of Dead Space 2's Ellie Langford and Alice from American McGee's Alice. 

Anna is now the official face of Elizabeth, and Ken Levine stated that they may very well have her make special appearances at future events. 

Bioshock Infinite is set for release early next year on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.