Splinter Cell Blacklist Video Showcases Non-Lethal Takedowns

Sam Fisher stalks his prey in this new video of Splinter Cell Blacklist.


Ubisoft has put together a new video of Splinter Cell Blacklist to showcase the game's non-lethal takedown options. It's a stark contrast to the previous game, where killing your enemies was the only option that Sam Fisher had available to him. 

In the new video, Splinter Cell Blacklist's animation director Kristjan Zadziuk takes the viewer on a tour of the game's non-lethal takedowns. Blacklist is poised to offer players a variety of approaches—ranging from stealthy approaches like the ones shown in the video, to assault—which has Sam Fisher going all out and gunning down his opponents. More lethal maneuvers were showcased during the game's initial reveal at E3 earlier this year. 

There are over 90 different takedown options, ranging from lethal, nonlethal, and combat takedowns. Every aspect of Sam's position is said to be taken into account—such as whether he is moving, whether his targets are moving, as well as his angle of approach. 

The footage of the game was taken from an alpha version, which is looking fantastic despite the fact that the game's still far from release. It's slated to come out for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 next year as one of this generation's last line of triple A titles. 

In my book, Sam Fisher has always emphasized his skills in stealth over direct confrontations, so I'll expect to make full use of his ghost-like abilities. How do you plan to play Blacklist?