Tactical Retro Shooter Police Stories is Almost Funded

Think before you shoot: Police stories shakes up the typical combat recipe.

When Gameranx last reported on Police Stories, it had just launched its kickstarter campaign. With less than three days left, the Amiga-stylised shooter has managed to pick up $23,608 of its $25K goal.

Police Stories stands out because of its unusual ‘Surrender System’, which lets players catch suspects without violence—sometimes a warning shot or melee combat is all you need. Control police operatives John Rimes and Rick Jones as they rescue hostages and infiltrate shady hideouts in tense encounters requiring split-second decisions. The game comes with a full scale level-editor and supports both local and online co-op for tactical multiplayer mayhem.

Throughout the course of the funding campaign, Developer Mighty Morgan has been releasing periodic updates, including an equipment reveal as well as an exclusive kickstarter backer t-shirt.

Police Stories is expected to release in October (or Q4 according to the Steam page) this year for PC, Mac and Linux. Interested players can download the alpha by signing up here.