Far Cry 3 Uplay Issues Resolved on PC, Say Ubisoft

Server issues with Uplay have been fixed.

far cry 3

Earlier today, we reported that users were having problems playing Far Cry 3 on the PC. The game was released yesterday in Asia, Europe and the UK on Steam and players had since reported that they were unable to connect to the game's online service, UPlay. 

A quick workaround—which simply involved staying offline and not connecting to UPlay—allowed players to bypass the service and play the game as normal. Understandably, players who had previously bad experiences with Ubisoft's use of the service on the PC were worried that their savegames wouldn't stick. Fortunately, Ubisoft has opted to use a much softer implementation of UPlay for Far Cry 3, which doesn't serve as a DRM layer this time around.

Ubisoft was quick to respond to the complaints, and apologized on Twitter for the service's downtime. The publisher has since posted an update to state that everything has been fixed. 

"Dear #FarCry3PC players, thank you for your patience, our servers are back up & running," tweeted Ubisoft. "Have fun playing!"

With any luck, the servers will stay that way so players who picked up the game early can have a long weekend of uninterrupted gaming ahead of them.