Black Ops 2 Prestige Glitch Unearthed, But It Could Get You Banned

Black Ops 2 has a Prestige glitch but doing it will get you banned…

One of the selling points in spending a ton of hours into any Call of Duty game's multiplayer is being able to "Prestige" and have a shiny new emblem to show the world just how hardcore you are.

Well, it seems this might be a problem for Black Ops 2, as there's reportedly a Prestige glitch going around that will let you instantly rank up to level 55 without even needing to mod the game files, modified consoles or even hacked multiplayer lobbies.

Reportedly, all it takes for you to rank up to level 55 is just watch a video on CoD TV, which means people can rinse and repeat, and instantly be at Prestige 10 in mere minutes.  For obvious reasons, we're not linking on how to do and which video to watch this glitch but we are letting you know that a lot of people are abusing it now.

For those tempted to try this out, keep in mind that Treyarch already knows about this and has gone on Twitter to state, "Noticed a few “level 10” guys ruining the party for everyone…enjoy your new rank while it lasts. Solution (and demotions) incoming." Which was followed by, "FYI…in the short term, Edited Films and Emblems will be unavailable. Back online as soon as possible."

If you don't care about demotions, perhaps getting banned will catch your attention. After those tweets, Treyarch also tweeted a "quick reminder" of their Security and Enforcement Policy, which includes a part about "Modding/Hacking."

According to the guidelines, "Any user who runs a modified version of game code or uses a modified game profile is subject to penalty." It also adds that anyone caught will be permanently be banned online and will have their stats, emblems erased as well as being blocked permanently from the game's leaderboards. And before you ask, yes, this applies to first-time offenders, too.

Needless to say, reach Prestige 10 the good old-fashioned way. I mean, isn't that part of the fun in the first place? For those still tempted, you can find out online how to do it, but don't blame anyone but yourself if and when you get banned, alright?

So, now that you know this, whenever you join a multiplayer lobby and see someone on Prestige 10 but play like a total noob, well, now you know why. 

Have you met anyone online whom you're sure has tried this glitch? If so, did their emblem match their in-game skills? Sound off and let us know.