Report: Xbox 720 Coming Next Year

The next generation Xbox is coming next year, according to a report.

xbox 720

The next generation Xbox, tentatively called the Xbox 720 by everyone who's looking forward to it, has been "confirmed" to be coming next year. According to a newly published report on Bloomberg, Microsoft is set to release the next generation console during the holiday season late next year.

Bloomberg states that the device will be geared towards securing Thanksgiving and Christmas sales. The publication did not reveal its source for the report, however stating that they are "people familiar with [Microsoft's] plans" who "declined to be identified because the product map is confidential."

The sources suggested that Microsoft has not decided whether to unveil the device at E3 2013 or whether they plan to do so at a separate event, not unlike their reveal of the Microsoft Surface tablet a few months back.

In the meantime, Microsoft appears poised to make the most out of its current generation Xbox 360 throughout sales during this year's holiday season. The Xbox 360 managed to push 750,000 sales of the device over Thanksgiving week, and we anticipate that it will see even more sales before Christmas. The sales of the device have been stoked by the launch of Halo 4, an Xbox 360-exclusive title, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a game which enjoys more players on the Xbox 360 over any other platform.

Microsoft declined to comment on the report. Additionally, the publisher has not made any official statements to support the claims, nor have they said anything to the contrary.

With that said, there's nothing to dissuade us from thinking that the report is accurate.