Explosive Sci-Fi Strategy Solstice Chronicles: MIA Gets Release Date

All your base are belong to Martians.

Ironward’s upcoming sci-fi strategy shooter Solstice Chronicles: MIA has just received a release date. Formerly attributed with a vague ‘summer’ release window, we now know the game will be available from July 26. A price is yet to be confirmed. Solstice Chronicles: MIA is also expected to launch on PlayStation 4 sometime later this year.

The developer has also uploaded an action-packed trailer that shows off the game’s battle systems and witty drone companion. Players will control a marine (who is hilariously aware of starring in a teaser trailer) that needs to use smart tactics to outwit and outgun massive waves of martian baddies. Raising your chances of survival are skill trees, upgradeable weapons, and special drone abilities—so use them wisely.

While you wait for Solstice Chronicles: MIA to come out next month, there’s always The Red Solstice, a prequel of sorts. It’s currentlyon Steam for just $5.99 USD (70% off the normal price) and is part of Steam’s Summer Sale.