L.A. Noire Rumored to Receive Remaster for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch; Release Set for Late August

How awesome would be an L.A. Noire remaster?

la noire remaster

The latest rumor to surface the internet is that Rockstar’s neo-noir detective action-adventure title, L.A. Noire is set to receive a remaster for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Leaks for the game started back in January with Twitter user Yan2295, which has been a reliable Rockstar informant. They have provided info before that turned out to be true, so there is a lot of credibility for the rumor with Yan2295 backing it.

Check out the Tweet down below:

Shortly following that, another known leaker account with reliable sources – Direct-Feed Games – managed to report the same thing – an L.A. Noire remaster was indeed coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, but this time they gave a release window, which happened to be late summer.

Check out that Tweet down below:

Now we fast forward a couple of months and Comicbook.com has reported from three separate sources that the game is indeed in the works. In addition, the PS4 version is looking into VR features as “VR features have been prototyped” for the console. However, if you don’t have a PSVR no worries, as the report goes on to state that the game is going to have a first-person mode like GTA V for all platforms.

No official details have been announced by Rockstar as of yet, but if this turns out to be true, we should expect an announcement in the coming weeks. What do you think though, think the rumors are true? Would you like to see L.A. Noire get a remaster?

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