Insomniac Games Announce Alternate Outfits for Spider-Man in Upcoming Game

What Spider-Man suit would you want to see?

Insomniac Games have officially confirmed on Twitter, that players will be able to change the outfits of Spider-Man in their upcoming superhero title.

This is pretty cool news as the web-head surely has a lot of different costumes to choose from. The new outfit Insomniac Games created looks awesome, but imagine playing in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man outfit or how about the new outfit Tom Holland will be dawning in Homecoming?

The potential for different suits are through the roof. Check out the official tweet from the developers down below:

During Sony’s E3 press conference, Insomniac released the first-ever gameplay footage of the highly anticipated title. We saw web-slinging, combat, and a little tease of what the story could consist of.

There is plenty of news about the new Spider-Man game. Make sure to stick with Gameranx for the latest gaming news and catch up on everything from Sony’s E3 press conference right here.

Spider-Man is set to release in 2018 for the PS4.