Battlefield 3 Aftermath Launch Trailer Revealed, Looks Earth-Shattering

DICE has released the official launch trailer for Battlefield 3’s Aftermath expansion. Give it a watch now!

With Battlefield 3's Aftermath expansion set to invade Battlefield 3 Premium members on the PS3 later today/tomorrow, DICE has released its official launch trailer for the expansion. 

As per DICE's norm, the trailer looks really, really good. I mean, just watching it makes me want to stop playing that other shooter and just hop on Battlefield 3 the minute Aftermath's available. In the expansion, players will fight through four earthquake-riddled maps, there will be new modified vehicles, a new crossbow weapon and even an all-new game mode called Scavenger, where players are armed with just a pistol, and must search the environments for better gear.

If you're a hardcore Battlefield fan, I think you'll like what's shown in the video below.

What got me curious are the different looking character skins. Will we be able to unlock them at some point or are they just for show? Hopefully it's the former as they do look rather good.

Also of note, here are the list of Achievements/Trophies for Aftermath and as well as its Assignments.

Battlefield 3's Aftermath expansion will be available for download for PS3 BF3 Premium members later today, while PC and Xbox 360 BF3 Premium members will be able to play the expansion on December 4.

So, anyone here who's going to stop playing Black Ops 2 or Halo 4 to get back into the battlefield or is this "too old" considering it was released last year?