Meet Donut County, the Delicious Physics Based Eat-A-Thon

Disclaimer: contains donuts.

Revealed three years ago, Donut County is an indie that’s all about a giant, mysterious hole that keeps devouring everything in its path. No one quite knows what the hole is, only that its appetite is insatiable, and that it isn’t satisfied with scraps of cheese or even entire mountains. Shown off again during E3 2017, Donut County’s demo gave curious players a chance to experience its unique, eat-a-thon style gameplay.   

Gameplay also consists of interactive puzzles, acquiring new abilities for the hole, and sitting back to watch the narrative unfold through Donut County’s cast of characters. The art style is very minimalist and belies a deeper, more frightening premise. What is the hole, and where did it come from? Why does it need to keep eating? Will it ever stop?

Donut County hasn’t pinned down a release date yet but is expected to come out for iOS devices, PC and Mac.