Mass Effect 3: Omega Trailer Showcases Aria and Nyreen, Looks Totally Badass

Two badass characters join Shepard in his fight to take over Omega.


Bioware has put together the first trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect 3 expansion, titled Omega. The expansion takes place on—you guessed it—Omega, the space station run by space pirates and other ne'er-do-wells in the second Mass Effect game. 

Omega's been taken over by the forces of Cerberus, under the thrall of the the Reapers, and Aria (voiced by Carrie Anne Moss) wants you, Shepard, to help her take it back and use it as a forward operating position against the Reaper invasion.

As you can imagine, the whole thing is set before the events of Mass Effect 3's ending, so if you were expecting a continuation of the series, expect to be a little disappointed. 

However, if it's the first time you're playing through the game, or if you intend to play through the game again, there's no reason not to pick it up and experience the story as it should've been. It's a loose end, and one that the Omega DLC intends to tie up.

In addition to visiting Omega and teaming up with Aria, you'll also team up with Nyreen, the series' first ever female Turian. Together, you'll have to fight an all new range of Cerberus enemies and use new biotic powers.

Omega comes out tomorrow on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.