Dragon’s Dogma DLC: Hard Mode and Time Attack Mode Announced

Dragon’s Dogma is set to get some new DLCs.

Dragon's Dogma

Capcom has new content in store for players of Dragon's Dogma, and has announced its plans to release a new hard mode for the game and a time attack challenge DLC, both slated to launch this December.

The new DLC, which is planned for both the Xbox 360 and PS3, was announced on Capcom's Japanese blog

According to the post, players who've cleared Dragon's Dogma through its normal mode will be able to replay the game in hard mode and experience much more challenging foes the second time around. Enemies will have increased resistances and deal much more damage than before.

Additionally, Time Attack mode will be unlocked for players who've completed the game and allow players to challenge themselves by going through a series of battles. 

Completing both hard mode and Time Attack mode will award you with a variety of armor sets, such as the King's Robe clothing set, the Abyss hardware set, and more. Pictures of the aforementioned sets can be seen below.

Armor Set

Armor Sets