The Settlers Online Gets a New Kingdom Campaign System

The free-to-play Settlers Online has gotten a huge update.


Blue Byte's The Settlers Online is the latest (and arguably) greatest incarnation of the series, as it makes full use of its online capabilities.

Today, the studio has announced its plans to add an "Evolvement of your Kingdom" campaign system, which allows you to build a persistent kingdom and embark on a series of almost 250 primary and secondary quests. You can do so at any level and discover new non-player characters. 

“The new ‘Evolvement of your Kingdom’ campaign system and guild quests have been implemented with our community in mind. We listen very closely to their ideas for improvement and never stop working hard to deliver great quality and a better gameplay experience for all our players,” said Odile Limpach, Managing Director of Ubisoft Blue Byte.

Additionally, new Guild quests and a new resource of Guild Coins are being added into the game for players who play the game cooperatively with their friends. The new in-game currency can be used to purchase temporary buffs, embark on new adventures like Pirate Island, and hire new specialists for the kingdom. The new changes to the game also allow groups of 10 (down from 25) to create guilds and experience these new features. 

Finally, the studio has announced that it will continue to improve the game over the course of next year, with plans to add a new PvP system that allows players to fight amongst themselves on special islands over precious resources and expand their kingdom likewise. A new science system is also being added, so players can choose to specialize in particular lines of development, such as military or production.

You can play the game here.