Check Out Killing Floor 2’s First Themed Event – The Summer Sideshow

New map, cosmetics and weaponry incoming!

Tripwire Interactive has recently revealed the first themed event coming to their slow motion blood bath, Killing Floor 2.

Summer Sideshow will be bringing a new map, more than 50 new cosmetic items, new weaponry and some interesting carnival games.

The Summer Sideshow introduces a host of new content to KILLING FLOOR 2 and new ways to play during the one-month course of its event. The centerpiece of that new content is a new circus-themed map, complete with outrageous circus freak zeds that make scary clowns look like cute cuddly puppies. There will be a new set of specific objectives for this map, entitled “The Tragic Kingdom”, which upon completion will unlock the exclusive Sideshow Hazmat Suit (good for keeping clown blood-stained cotton candy from getting stuck to players). The Tragic Kingdom is a scary place, so players will have to make good use of the two new weapons included in the update: the HZ12 Shotgun is for the Support Perk only and the Centerfire Lever Action is primarily for Sharpshooter and Multi-Perk with Gunslinger. 

Tripwire also announced that they will be making the game free for PC players this week to try out the latest update – thereafter the game will be 50% off.

The Summer Sideshow update will go live today (June 13th) for PC players and will release later in Summer for PS4 players. Check out the update’s trailer, below.