Destiny 2 Confirmed To Run at 30FPS On The Xbox One X

Sad news for potential Xbox One X buyers.

If you were looking for ultra smooth gameplay from Microsoft’s latest console, The Xbox One X, we have some disheartening news: Destiny 2 will be running at 30FPS on the Microsoft’s beefed up console.

The information was revealed in an interview by Geoff Keighley with the director at Bungie, Luke Smith, whom revealed that Destiny 2 will in fact run at 30 FPS on the Xbox One X. This is hugely disappointing news for fans planning on buying the Xbox One X for a smoother playthrough of Destiny 2 than the PS4 Pro.

I’m pretty surprised by this, while I’m pretty sure it’s the imminent release date which has held Bungie from using the Xbox One X full functionality, I have a sneaking suspicion Sony’s partnership with Bungie has something to do with this. Thoughts?

In other Destiny 2 news, Voice acting heavyweight, Neil Kaplan is set to be the voice of Ghaul, Destiny 2‘s main antagonist.

 Kaplan is quite the influential figure in the voice acting field, voicing characters from high profile titles such as Bioshock: Infinite, World of Warcraft: Legion and The Last of Us, so fans should expect quite the performance in Bungie’s MMO shooter.

Destiny 2 is set to release on Xbox One, Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 on September 6th. It will release on for PC on October 24th.