Legend of Dungeon is a Multiplayer Side-Scrolling Roguelike

Who says you can’t reinvent the genre?

Legend of Dungeon

Kickstarter games are not created equal. Some pitches are more promising than most, and the side-scrolling roguelike Legend of Dungeon is among one of the better ones.

Developed by indie studio RobotLovesKitty, Legend of Dungeon seeks a meager $5,000 for its development unlike the million-dollar juggernauts that usually make the waves.

In Legend of Dungeon, players fight their way through a 26-floor dungeon and, once they’ve collected what they were looking for, ascend to the top. Unlike other roguelikes, Legend of Dungeon supports up to four players in multiplayer and has players face off against numerous enemies.

Despite its small request for funding, the studio has announced stretch goals for the game, which include a pet system, additional player classes, a dark forest expansion, and an overworld mode which they describe as “a complete RPG with storylines, quests, multiple dungeons to raid, and a huge world to explore.”