Solstice Chronicles: MIA is Energetic Twin-Stick Shooting Set on Mars

Mutants, drones, and isometric explosions.

Successfully crowdfunded sci-fi shooter Solstice Chronicles: MIA just launched a new gameplay trailer, and it’s full of cursing. Just ten seconds long, the footage provides a snapshot into the explosive, humorous action that Solstice Chronicles: MIA is quickly gaining a reputation for. Set on the Red Planet, the game tasks players with fighting against hordes of mutants and an angry tempest, while searching for a cure to the deadly STROL virus.

Developer Ironward isn’t new to the sci-fi genre, with co-op titles like The Red Solstice under its belt. Solstice Chronicles: MIA borrows strategic elements from TRS and uses them to create a more satisfying experience; the way players use drone abilities is contingent upon the threat they face, and it’s their choice to stock up supplies and weaponry upgrades, or risk it all in battle without preparation. There are four classes, Assault, Demolition, Hellfire and Terminator, each of which have different skill trees players can expand to suit their playstyles.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is coming out this summer for PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4.