Flight Sim Air Missions: HIND Soars Towards Full Release

Fire away.

In case you haven’t noticed, there are lots of simulators around these days. We can become goats, play tennis, cause cheesy havoc as a rat, and even get jobsAir Missions: HIND is another sim that lets us fly through the skies, blasting foes from the comfort of a helicopter. And not just any helicopter, either. Air Missions: HIND draws artistic inspiration from the Russian Mi-24 Hind assault helicopter, and empowers players with FAB bombs, machine guns and missiles to use in fifteen missions of fictional combat.

In addition to  singleplayer missions, there’s also a multiplayer option that comes with campaigns, deathmatch, and online co-op missions. Gameplay occurs across four different environments spanning Asia, Central Europe and the Arctic Ocean, so there’s a chance to admire the scenery while you’re blasting metal to bits.

Currently in Early access, Air Missions: HIND will be transitioning to a full release to coincide with its Xbox One launch on June 14. You can grab it on Steam today for $16.99 USD.