Indie Royale Celebrates Thanksgiving with Stuffing Bundle

Although I’m really not sure if any of these games actually have anything to do with Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving might be in a couple of days, but Indie Royale wants to extend the celebrations with a bundle that's available for the next ten days. Despite the bundle's “Stuffing” title, none of the games actually seems to have anything to do with Thanksgiving, but I'm British, so I could be wrong. For a minimum payment of £3.44 ($5.47 at today's exchange rate), here are the five PC (and some for Mac/Linux) games you'll unlock:

The Dream Machine: Chapters 1-3 is a crafty way to get a little more money out of you than the pennies you put down for the bundle, since it's actually part of a five-part series. But maybe you don't mind that, because you love point-and-click adventure games, particularly ones with a unique look to them.

Puzzle Agent 2 is described as “Layton-esque”, so you'll probably know what to expect there. If not, my guess is it's a game in which the protagonist must solve a mystery, which somehow requires him to complete a bunch of puzzles that are head-scratching and fun but have little if anything to do with the story.

Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition is a city-building game set in ancient Egypt, so you get to play Pharaoh and do what Pharaohs actually did, which is boss everyone around and make them create grand structures. This looks pretty detailed, too, with different kinds of citizens who all have their own wants and needs, so fans of this genre should find plenty to keep them entertained.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth is “reversed tower defense” (tower attack?), in which you play a Commander leading a squad against alien invaders that have captured Earth's major cities and placed defensive turrets to keep you out. It looks nice, too.

Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery casts you as Mitch, an ape with a gun. It's a cute platformer that takes you through a variety of environments as you try to stop the thieving “Horatio Hawk”.

All that, and if you pay more than the average (currently £5.12/$8.15) you also get a 13-track album from yogurtbox. Interested?