Amnesia Fortnight Is Now Open To The Public

Now you too can be part of Double Fine’s game creation process.

Most Double Fine fans know already what Amnesia Fortnight is. It's an internal game jam that has all employees setting aside whatever they're working on to form teams that have two weeks to produce a game.

This free for all, rapid-fire prototyping process has resulted in a number of game concepts that would eventually be developed into final products. Including Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade, and Once Upon a Monster.

And for the first time ever, the behind the scenes look is being made public. Every single bit of it:

It works like this: 23 game pitches are up for voting at this very moment. The top 4 chosen by the public well move onto the next stage. To cast a vote, one must put money down, as much or as little as one wishes, per the usual Humble Bundle model. The money goes to Double Fine, the Humble Bundle organizers, or the Child's Play charity (it's up to you to determine how much goes to whomever).

From there, prototypes based upon the four winning selections will be produced, and the entire process will be documented by 2 Player Productions, who are also producing the behind the scenes look at Double Find Adventures. Only backers will be able to see the footage, as well as download and play the finished prototypes. To then vote for which one is the absolute best of the bunch.

And, as Shafter says, there's a chance that the winning game might become the basis of something bigger. So it's a chance to play a little part of Double Fine history.