Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf DLC Expansion Set to Release for Xbox One and PC Users This June

Return to Willamette mall for some Mini Golf

Capcom has announced that the upcoming new mode for Dead Rising 4, Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf mode, is set to release on June 20 for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam.

The new mode takes players back to Willamette, Colorando, but this time instead of bashing zombies brains in, you and your friends can play some chaotic mini golf. Check out the official description of Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf down below:

With multiple holes of pure wanton destruction, in Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf players will flip zombies the bird as they navigate the greens in the Willamette Mall and surrounding town. Unlock specialized golf clubs, costumes and balls as Frank West provide play-by-play commentary for swings, birdies, and shots. Collect Power-Ups to take the game to the next level and take out zombies with explosive style while keeping swings low and the kill count high. Hone course skills to perfection in single player, fight for the high score online in a 4-player

Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf will be included in the Dead Rising season pass, however, it will also be sold as a standalone DLC for $9.99. The last piece of DLC for Dead Rising 4 was the Frank Rising expansion where players explore the idea of Frank West becoming infected with the zombie infection. Read more about that DLC right here.

Players who have yet tried the game can do so by downloading the first hour trial of the game for free via the Microsoft Store.

Will you be returning to Willamette mall? Exciting for the Mini Golf mode? Let us know in the comments below!