Surreal VR Puzzler ‘FORM’ is Out Now For HTC Vive

Transcend reality. Discover your destiny.

Independent studio Charm Games wants to delve deep inside the human mind with FORM, a psychedelic virtual reality game. Freshly released on HTC Vive, it stars genius physicist Dr. Devin Eli. He possesses superhuman powers that allow him to imagine things in geometric frames, and players are able to harness his intelligence thanks to the high immersion factor of VR. Dr. Eli needs to sift through an isolated Alaskan research facility and acquire a special artifact known only as The Obelisk.

Along the way, he encounters puzzles and strange environments constructed from his own memories, dreams and even fears. Naturally, the puzzles become more complex as he nears the truth, and accessing increasingly obscure pathways in Dr. Eli’s mind opens up rifts leading to alternative realities—fitting considering the game’s platform—and eventually, his destiny.

FORM is out now on HTC Vive for $19.99 USD. An Oculus Rift edition will follow this summer, and a PlayStation VR release is expected in Q1 2018.