Nintendo Launches Pokédex App for iOS

Nintendo goes hogwild with Apple’s app store.

Pokedex for iOS

Nintendo has released its biggest ever app on Apple's app store, becoming the latest—and arguably biggest—game publisher to embrace the device. It's not the first time Nintendo has released an app for the iOS, having previously released Pokémon Say Tap? last year, but it's certainly going to be a much bigger deal for fans of the series.

Nintendo has made no mention on whether it plans to release the app in other countries at this time.

The Pokédex app costs 170 Yen, and offer additional Pokémon packs for 500 Yen each. Each package will contain a host of creatures, including lengthy descriptions and stats for each one of them. The initial offering includes 150 pokémon.

The app itself is expected to work very much like the Pokédex Pro on the 3DS, and is developed by Game Freak and Creatures Inc, both Pokémon subsidiaries.

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