Star Citizen Shows Off Pilot AI

Get a glimpse at fleet formations and a cockpit view.

When Star Citizen appeared on Kickstarter, its introductory video didn't really have much in the way of actual gameplay footage. Instead what it had was a few dramatic messages emphasising that PC games and space simulations aren't dead, followed by a few dramatic clips of spaceships rendered in real time in the game's engine doing battle.

This new short video shows a little of what the game will actually look like when you play it. It's a little bare, since it's just test footage of pilot AI, but it does look pretty nice. As well as getting to see ships moving in and out of fleet and combat formations and shooting at enemies, we also get a brief in-cockpit view.

Star Citizen is being made by a team led by Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander. Its Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $1 million, far above its goal of $500,000, and there are still six days to go. While the campaign obviously doesn't need any more money, you might want to go and make a small pledge if space sims are your thing, if only to show your support and maybe secure yourself a copy of the game.