SEGA Discusses Development Plans Up To 2020; Includes the “Revival of Past IPs”

SEGA discusses development plans in Road to 2020 presentation.

No one can deny the rough times SEGA went through within the last decade or so, however, the studio has a solid foundation and targets set for themselves to achieve within the next couple of years. In their Road to 2020 business presentation, SEGA discussed various topics regarding the studio’s direction, upcoming projects and much more.

The company believes that they should “transition from diversified investment to focused investment,” which means investing only in promising titles that will most likely be successful rather than releasing multiple mediocre titles. They also want to expand more into the console market as well as the PC and mobile devices. Here is SEGA’s plans for the digital and physical game fields:

Digital Game Field (Phantasy Star Online 2, Hortensia Saga, and others listed as examples)

  • Create titles that will become global hits
  • Establish digital marketing business
  • Expand overseas publishing business
  • Maintain profits through long-term operation of existing titles
  • Develop next-generation titles

Packaged Game Field (Persona 5, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, and others listed as examples)

  • Expand existing IPs and obtain new IPs for North American and European PC games
  • Build revenue base by being entrusted with outsourced development
  • Challenge for new IPs
  • Revival of major IPs
  • Effective utilization of development engines

Do you think SEGA has what it takes to make it back into the industry as one of the top developers?