EA Bought Battlefield Domain for $80K, Acquires All Battlefield Sites Up to Battlefield 9

EA has acquired web domains for the Battlefield franchise up to Battlefield9.com!

Domain name tracker and specialist Fusbile has uncovered how much EA ponied up for the "Battlefield.com" domain. Archeo, which focuses on premium domain and advertising marketplace, has revealed its Top 500 Domain Sales (PDF) and one of those entries is EA's acquisition of the Battlefield.com web domain for $80,000.

In addition to that, EA is now the owner of all succeeding numerical Battlefield-related domains. So, aside from Battlefield 4, which we know is in development, EA has secured Battlefield5.com, Battlefield6.com, and all the way up to Battlefield9.com. 

Here's a look at the WHOIS records.

Before anyone complains about EA "milking" the franchise until it's dead, keep in mind that there's a very good chance that the publisher is just securing the domains to prevent cyber-squatting. In saying that, I wouldn't be surprised if we do see a Battlefield 9 sometime in the future. I mean, Battlefield 3 did ship more than 17 million units to date.

The next expansion for Battlefield 3 will be called Aftermath, and is scheduled for release later this month for Battlefield 3 Premium users. It will contain four new maps, add the crossbow to the game and will even have a new game mode in tow.

Battlefield 4, which is the next major entry in the franchise, is rumored to be scheduled for both a current-gen and next-generation release, and will supposedly include female soldiers, Battlecorder, three factions and more. Read up on the rumored leak to know everything that's speculated so far.

Are you ready for more Battlefield games? Should EA alternate on the Bad Company spinoff and the major entries every few years or is it just a name? 

Thanks, MP1st