The Sims Mobile Launches on Smartphones for Free

Smart choice: EA is branching out to a more portable gaming platform with the original Sims game.

It’s official – Will Wright’s classic simulation game The Sims has made the jump to mobile devices. Unlike The Sims 3, which came to mobile a couple of years back with a hefty price tag attached, this re-imagined pocket size version of the original title is totally free. Like the PC games, you’ll be able to create your own sim complete with a totally customised appearance, personality and career aspiration.

The Sims has also previously launched on mobiles under the title The Sims FreePlay, but unlike the current entry, it did not offer as many customisation options, nor the ability to build a house or continue the legacy of your families across multiple generations. After the mixed reception of The Sims 4, it will certainly be interesting to see whether a pint-sized version of The Sims can reinvigorate the franchise.

The Sims Mobile is out now. You can get it via the Google Play Store or the App Store at no cost.