Journey Through the Surreal Universe of ‘The Search’

Puzzle driven indie with a story bound by mystery.

Launched just over a month ago on Steam, The Search is a story-rich puzzle adventure game that sees players exploring a mysterious, fragmented reality. Its first person perspective and haunting music adds an extra layer of immersion as you track down clues to figure out exactly what’s going on.

Your only guide in The Search is letters from a stranger, which gradually reveal that the universe you’re trapped inside is very different to the one described by NASA. Gameplay challenges you to overcome obstacles through using your own creativity, but there’s also beautiful 3D environments to admire along the way. Developer Jason Godbey actually began environment art as a hobby, and eventually progressed to working on AAA titles. You can check out his portfolio hereThe Search is his debut independent project which has been in development over the last couple of years. It features voice acting from Cissy Jones, who many of you may recognise from indie hits Life is Strange and Gameranx’s favourite indie game of 2016, Firewatch. 

The Search is out now on Steam (PC) and for $3.99 USD.