Black Ops 2 Gets First Review, Mentions Many of Its Coolest Moments Happen on Autopilot

Black Ops 2 get its first-ever review! But only for the single-player campaign…

With Black Ops 2's release just a few days away, the game's first-ever review has been published. Although, it's only for the game's single-player campaign and there's no score just yet.

Reviewed by Norwegian site PressFire, it mentions right from the get-go that "too many of the coolest moments happen on autopilot." Of course, seeing as we're reading this based on what Google has auto-translated, some ideas and whatnot might be lost in translation or might not be conveyed properly.

While you can read the full review here, we did highlight some of the most comprehensible and most interesting statements we can gather from the review. Give it a read below.

It's frustrating when all the coolest scenes end up putting the lever on the couch and watch a movie clip, while itching to participate. At its most banal, we see that Mason shoots chief villains without us even get hit on the button itself. For once, I miss scarcer crunchy things during movie sequences.

Call of Duty games have a special charm to it. They are not realistic, and that's okay. Target systems are superb compact weapons have exactly the sound they deserve, even charge moves have an extra spin it that emphasizes mood. It does well when the game moves into the shooting gallery mode.

Call of Duty games are action canned, concentrated adrenaline. If you set the day to run the story in one go, you are both dank and mentally exhausted when the race is over. But it is a force!

"Black Ops 2" manages to mix for the future and fairly seamless way, and the show's historiography is finally where it should be. Unfortunately it seems to have come at the expense of the game. After a while you itch for to be with, just a little.

Hey, I did say that some things were lost in translation, right? Even so, the overall tone of the review is quite positive. 

Again, keep in mind that this is just for the single-player part of the game and the multiplayer is not part of the review as of now. 

So, are you liking what you've read so far or it doesn't matter much because it's multiplayer and zombies you're buying the game for? While I will be playing Black Ops 2's campaign, I admit, I'm one of those people that play Call of Duty games for their multiplayer more than anything else.

Black Ops 2 is set for release on November 13 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, while the Wii U version will be out on November 18.