This is Why Microsoft Made Minecraft For The Switch Run at Only 720p

We might see Minecraft in 1080p on the Switch soon.

With the recent release of the Minecraft on the Switch, some fans have been bothered as to why the title isn’t hitting 1080p. According to Time who cited a Microsoft representative, the console runs the title at 720p docked and undocked with the main reason not being a problem of The Switch’s weak hardware power, but that issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking/undocking.

As Time stated, the title would be able to run at 1080p, if this issue was patched. For now, however, we are stuck at 720p and 60fps.

Minecraft is currently out for the Switch, Priced at $30 the title also comes with the usual network capabilities and Mario-themed skins.

In other Switch news, the console has finally added support for players to keep credit card information on their system:

While online shops from consoles such as The Xbox One or PS4 having the credit card storage capabilities, players of the Switch would have only expected no different with the recently released console. However this was not the case – buyers were frustrated with having to input their details every time they wanted to make a purchase.Luckily today we have information via Nintendoeverything, that the feature has now been added to the e-Shop.

How have you found Minecraft on the Switch? Sad to see it not hitting 1080p or couldn’t care less? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.