Black Ops 2 Flag & Bomb Spots for All Maps

Want to see each map in flag and bomb spot for all of Black Ops 2’s maps? Here you go…

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 fans, you're in for a treat as Reddit user mrm3x1can has just posted an overview of every map in Black Ops 2 that details all the flag and bomb spots. Nope, you didn't read that wrong; the images below are for all of Black Ops 2's 14 multiplayer maps.

According mrm3x1can, he took a screenshot of each game mode where there's a flag or bom. He wasn't able to include the Search & Destroy game mode because for some reason, it doesn't allow you to "CoD-cast" (where he got the maps) without bots, and there's no bots in Search & Destroy. Additionally, he also states he couldn't realistically do Hardpoint or Headquarters spots since there's too much of those and they move around. Mind you, I'm not really complaining. Just the ones he listed below are worthy of praise.

So without further ado, here's the overview of each map along with the corresponding game mode. For reference, the first mode is the first image shown and so on.

Aftermath (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Cargo (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Carrier (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Drone (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Express (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Hijacked (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Meltdown (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Overflow (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Plaza (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Raid (Domination, Demolition, CTF)


Slums (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Standoff (Domination, Demolition, CTF)

Well, there you have it. I gather die-hard Call of Duty fans will pore over each and every map to gain an advantage over the competition. Bear in mind though, some of your previous Call of Duty playstyle might not be as effective in Black Ops 2 since the game relies on scorestreaks now instead of killstreaks.

In saying that, I find the Domination map overviews the most useful. Just by looking at the different capture points, you can already tell which ones will be clusterfucks of chaos. 

So, which detail do you want to know about Black Ops 2?  We already know a lot about it and these maps are just the cherry on top.

Are you liking the way the maps' objectives are scattered so far or are they too linear or too funnelled? Sound off and let us know.

Black Ops 2 is set for release on November 13 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.