Mesmerising Platformer OVIVO Enchants With Simplicity

Unusual mechanics in a world stripped down to basics.

Optical Illusions, metaphors and secrets abound in OVIVO, IzHard’s debut 2D platformer. And what a debut it is. Its Yin and Yang inspired minimalist aesthetic is the perfect setting for protagonist Ovo to switch between two halves of the same world. Gravity changes depending on where you are – being inside the white region, you’re pushed down. Whenever you enter the black region gravity’s effects are switched.

The aim of OVIVO is to explore oneirically structured monochrome landscapes in search of hidden symbols. There are tricks of the eye, puzzles, and enemies to contend with. A meditative soundtrack keeps you company, guiding you on a journey of simplicity as you head towards the shores of the unknown.

OVIVO has received a multitude of awards since its inception in 2014, including Audience Choice at Games Jam 2014, the Imagine Cup Media Award of 2015, and Best Game Design at the Gamedev Conference 2016.

OVIVO is scheduled for release on May 12.