Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Shows Off First Female Turian in Series, Along with Details

And boy, does she look cool

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re getting pretty excited for the Omega DLC’s release at the end of the month. Well, today is a good day to be you, because Eurogamer scored some details about the upcoming DLC and specifically about its two leading ladies. And then later on, BioWare will be showing off some of the gameplay on in honor of N7 day.

Let’s get to the details, no fluff will be found here.

Female Turian: The name’s Nyreen Kandros, she can be seen in the above picture. She is the turian leader of the Talon mercenary group, also ex-military. She appears to be a a Sentinel type character and has a Biotic Grenade ability, and a Biotic Protector ability, which is basically a shield.

Aria T’Loak: Aria is of course, back and more badass than ever. She is revealed to be unsurprisingly one of the most powerful biotics in existence, so powerful in fact, that BioWare had to rebalance gameplay around her. She comes with unique abilities like Lash, which is a biotic attack that attracts enemies and deals heavy damage and Flare, which sounds awesome as it is a biotic explosive attack that is “probably one of the most powerful” of its kind in the game.

Companions: I’m still sobbing quietly over the news, but don’t expect to get to learn what Garrus has to say about Nyreen because he won’t be there. Neither will any other companion besides the two aforementioned.

Romance: None for you. Oh there will be some sort of reason why, and some sort of invisible relationship bar you can fill up, but no sex for you or anything. Nyreen is an “absolute no” while Aria is “more ambiguous” and you can make her really hate you or become really friendly. We’ll see how it progresses.

Choices: Here is where the DLC will probably shine brightest, particularly in the replayability area. BioWare wants to know how far you are willing to go in helping Aria take back Omega? I’m thinking the choices will be like the DLC Zaeed: Price of Revenge style, as Aria is a strong-willed individual who does whatever she wants while Shepard has at least some morals guiding them. You apparently will be able to either take back the base for use in the Reaper war or give it back to Aria.

Exploration: There’s plenty of old places and new to explore, so don’t be worried about being confined to one area.

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