This Speedrunner Took Less Than Twenty Minutes to Beat Prey

And it’s not even the WR anymore.

Sci-fi horror title Prey recently released to very positive reviews, but it’s taken just three days for somebody to break the game. Speedrunner DraQu has completed a lightning fast run in under 20 minutes – temporarily claiming the World Record title with an official time of 19:34. According to, the title of fastest any% run now belongs to Swedish runner IterationFunk who clocked in at 16:54 (This information is correct at the time of publication).

Only a day prior, DraQu had posted a 44 minute speedrun of Prey, which begs the question: how was it possible to shave off not just seconds, but 25 whole minutes of gameplay? Apparently, DraQu took advantage of environmental glitches in order to skip large section’s of Bethesda’s System Shock inspired adventure – which is designed to be a 20-30 hour game.

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