For Honor Season 2 Brings Two New Heroes to the Battlefield

Meet the Centurion and the Shinobi.

The two newest heroes that will be joining the For Honor roster are the Centurion and the Shinobi. The second season begins on May 16th and is entitled Shadow & Might.

The Shinobi wields the Japanese Kusarigama and is a Samurai Assassin who moves with graceful precision. The Centurion is a Knight Hybrid that uses the classic gladius to deal damage at close range. Both heroes will be available for free for season pass holders on May 16th and for other players to purchase with steel on May 23rd.

In addition to these two new heroes, two new maps titled Forge and Temple Garden will offer new battlegrounds for conflict. These will be available for free for all players at the start of Season 2, along with an update that will increase the maximum gear score, adjust the balance of the entire gear stats system, and introduce a new Epic level of gear rarity. The start of the season will also mark the return of the Faction War.

At the end of Season One, a title update (Update 1.06) was released on PC to improve network stability and add some gameplay changes and hero balancing. This update is also available on consoles now.