Killzone Intercept Live-Action Fan Film Shows How a Killzone Movie Could Work

This Killzone live-action fan film is amazing…give it a watch now.

While Sony fans might have to wait until the PS4 for the next chapter in Guerilla Games' Killzone franchise, perhaps this fan-made live-action movie might just tide you over.

Actually, regardless if you're a Killzone fan or not, I strongly suggest you give this a watch as this might be the best live-action fan flick I've seen…ever. Not only is it faithful to the game's setting and overall feel, even the effects are way above what we normally see in these kinds of short films.

Titled "Killzone Intercept," the film occurs during the events of Killzone 3 as the ISA evacuate Helghan. A small scout squad is called upon to stall a large group of approaching Helghasts that plan to cut off the ISA convoy from reaching the extraction point. Outnumbered, the squad takes on the task with hopes of getting everyone off the planet alive. 

Here's 14-minute film in its entirety:

According to the film's director, the film took them two years to make and they were fortunate to have Guerilla's feedback and recognition regarding it. Well, it definitely shows.

So, do you think this proves a Killzone live-action movie would actually work? If this is any indication, that could very well be the case, no?