Black Ops 2 Zombie Emblems Revealed

Black Ops 2 rewards you for gunning down the undead! Here are the emblems.

While it's no secret that Treyarch is making robust changes to Black Ops 2's zombie mode to offer a deeper experience, now they're even adding emblems into play.

The emblems, which were revealed when Call of Duty Elite updated (via DigitalWarfare247), shows us eight emblems; but we can't say for sure if this is the complete list or just the ones revealed so far. Additionally we don't know how players will actually earn them, but we can hazard a guess — which we've done so below.

Do they pertain to your rank in zombie mode or something else? If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say they're for completing various challenges. Take the first emblem, is it for doing X number of headshots to the undead? The third one, which shows a skull between two grenades, does this pertain to killing zombies with a grenade until you hit a specific number? Lastly, I take it you'll earn the one with the syringe by doing the necessary number of revives to your teammate, no? Oh, and one more thing, the last one — which shows a gauge — for some reason makes me think it's related to the bus you're going to use in the mode.

Again, I stress that these are just guesses on my part, so bear that in mind before you jump in the comments and call me a "noob," alright?

I have to admit, Treyarch seems to be going for the extra mile when it comes to Black Ops 2's zombie mode. They're adding recording functionality, a player vs. player vs. zombie game type, difficulty modes and now even emblems into the mix, too. Then again, some people are even more excited for Black Ops 2's zombie mode than the game's multiplayer. And quite honestly, I can't blame them.

What do you think the emblems are for? Leave your best guess in the comments and let's see if they're correct come November 13.