Download The Tech Beta Build of Cancelled Star Wars: First Assault

Here is a taste of what we could’ve had.

If some of you remember, LucasArts was set to create a first-person shooter centred around numerous Stormtrooper Vs. Rebel battles. The game was cancelled due to the closure of LucasArts and the purchasing of the StarWars IP by Disney.

Now the game’s tech beta build found its way on the Internet. Those interested can download the tech beta build of Star Wars: First Assault from here.

According to GamesRadar, respawns happened from dropships in waves, and it seems like everyone could heal via a melee ability. There were unusual guns based on tactical support abilities like knockback and repelling grenades, as well as cloaks and holographic decoys. And there were no Jedi or Sith.

check out this leaked footage of the game below:

Honestly, I think it was good that they scrapped this game, I mean granted the only footage we have of the game is from the Tech build – but Republic Commando seems way better – even the latest Star Wars Battlefront is more interesting than this title. Do we really need another Call of Duty clone?

Anyway, if you do manage to give the Tech build a run, let us know what you think. Worth the time? Sad to see a title like this go? Let us know in the comments below!