PSA: Microsoft Xbox 360 And Xbox One Backward Compatibility Service Maintenance

Maintenance takes place between 4:00 AM ET and 6:00 AM ET.

Depending just where at you live within the world, enjoying Xbox 360 games may give players a few problems. It was reported earlier this week that Microsoft will be doing some service maintenance today between 8:00 AM UTC and 10:00 AM UTC, that’s 4:00 AM ET and 6:00 AM ET.

The announcement came from Major Nelson’s official website where it was unveiled that Microsoft would be performing the scheduled maintenance on Xbox 360 titles and services. It’s during these times that running video games and online applications may get disrupted for a few hours.

“On Thursday, April 27 between 8:00AM UTC and 10:00AM UTC (4:00AM ET and 6:00AM ET), we will be performing scheduled maintenance that will affect Xbox 360 titles and services.

Please note this maintenance will also impact Xbox 360 backward compatible titles on Xbox One.

All other Xbox One titles and services will not be affected.  If you’re playing an Xbox 360 title during the maintenance, you may be disconnected from Xbox Live one or more times.”

Likewise, it was also stated that this will affect Xbox One gamers who decide to play a backward compatible Xbox 360 title. With that said, Xbox One owners will not see any disruptions from online gaming or Xbox Live services.

We’re not sure just what is being done exactly with this scheduled service maintenance, but at the very least, it will only keep some gamers away from enjoying their Xbox 360 catalog for a couple of hours.