Blizzard’s Hiring For New Mobile Video Game?

Any guesses as to what franchise will add a mobile installment?

Blizzard is a household name within the video game industry. The team has brought out a number of incredible titles over the years and it seems that the developers are looking to take another stab at the mobile platform. This sudden piece of news started to spread online after it was discovered that Blizzard placed a new job posting seeking a veteran developer within the mobile platform industry.

Thanks to PCGamesN, we learned that a new job posting was released by Blizzard which is based on the contribution to the development studio’s mobile gaming efforts. Likewise, this position is being held within the Incubation department of Blizzard, a department that’s used to develop brand new projects rather than turning out sequels or expansions.

This is not the first mobile release from Blizzard as the company previously brought over the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft video game on both smartphone and tablet platforms. However, it’s still unknown just what this new title will be about.

Currently, the development studio has found plenty of success with their latest release, Overwatch, which has led to several gamers online speculating a mobile adaptation of the franchise. Being that the title is finding no shortage of new players, expanding the franchise where possible would make for a safe move from Blizzard, but of course, that is purely speculation on our part.

At any rate, we may not hear anything about the upcoming mobile title for a good while, as the company is still filling in development positions.