Little Nightmares to Run At [email protected] on PS4 Pro, [email protected] on PS4

Here’s how well your console will run Little Nightmares.

Bandai Namco has shared some recent details on their upcoming puzzle-platformer Little Nightmares:

The game will run at 1080P and 30 FPS on the standard PlayStation 4 console, while the native resolution will be bumped to 1620P (75% of 4K’s 2160P) on PS4 Pro frame rate will be close to 60FPS (70% of the time it will be stable at 60FPS, for the rest of the time the game will run between 50 and 60FPS).

Originally announced as ‘Hunger’ back in 2014, Little nightmares is an Unreal 4 run title by Tarsier Studios ( the same guys that developed LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, LittleBigPlanet 3, Tearaway Unfolded).

Here is what you can expect from this cute, but frightening game:

The world of Little Nightmares is both grim and unforgiving, the player learns as they travel along the narrative’s engaging storyline, complete with impressive sound design and a unique-art style that is eerie and atmospheric.

Little Nightmares “blurs the line between dreams a nightmares” as the Maw is explored in order to escape its confines. Macabre enemies and environments intertwine to form a frightfully wonderful atmosphere on this strange vessel.

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Little Nightmares is set to release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 28th.