Nintendo Switch’s Minecraft Version Will Run At 60FPS, Feature Medium Sized Worlds and Wii U Imports

Ahh! glorious 60fps!

If you are looking at getting Minecraft of the Nintendo Switch, we have some exciting news for you: Mojang has announced that the Minecraft Switch Version will run at a glorious 60FPS, will feature “Medium Sized Worlds” compared it’s Xbox One and PS4 counterparts) and will have Wii U world transfers.

According to Microsoft, developing on the Switch has been rather easy, and the game will be updated to Minecraft‘s January update when it’s released on May 11.

What’s standing out mostly for me is that the Switch’s “Medium” sized worlds will be a whole lot bigger than the worlds on PS3 and Xbox 360, comparatively the PS3 and Xbox 360 had worlds as big as 864×864, while the Switch version goes as high as 3072×3072.

This latest portable version of Minecraft will also be running at a much smoother rate than the Vita version of Minecraft only runs at around 20-25FPS.

Finally, the Switch will feature world transfers from the Wii U so that you can keep working on your existing projects – however, this functionality will, unfortunately, not be available on the launch date.

In other Switch news, we recently featured a pretty awesome, heavy duty carrier case for your console. If you want one check it out over here.

Minecraft on Nintendo Switch will launch in May exclusively on the Nintendo eShop.