Gamer Shows Off Example Nintendo Switch Mini’s

Could we see Nintendo release Switch Mini’s in the coming year?

It wasn’t very long ago that the internet started to chime in on a potential Nintendo Switch Mini. While the Nintendo company just launched their Switch console in March of this year, gamers may see a miniature style console launch in the coming year or two which would see a cheaper price point making it a more favorable option with children.

There’s currently no announcement of a Nintendo Switch right now and all the information regarding it has come from various speculation posts online. One user on NeoGaf, however, took the bit of news of a potential Nintendo Switch Mini and offered his renditions of what the console may look like.

According to NeoGaf user, jts, the Nintendo Switch Mini would be aimed more towards children who would use the console has a new handheld device. Because of that, the system would come with a smaller 5” display similar to the PlayStation Vita.

Likewise, the console would not have detachable Joy-con controllers but would still be able to connect to a pair of Joy-cons. Shipped standard, jts doesn’t see the Nintendo Switch Mini coming with a dock by default, though it would be able to connect onto the default Nintendo docks.

More importantly about this potential Mini console is that Nintendo would ship it at $199.99 to replace the Nintendo 3DS handhelds. Posted above is a few bold colors that the Nintendo Switch Mini could come out with as well from jts.

This may be wishful thinking on our part, but seeing a cheaper Nintendo Switch alternative for gamers who may want something a bit more portable or something a tad cheaper for children would make sense.

Again, this is not official news but a speculative piece of what the future of Nintendo’s handheld lineup could look like.