Ubisoft Opens New Studios in Berlin and Bordeaux; Will Help Develop AAA Titles

Ubisoft is opening two new branches.

Ubisoft is expanding its development personnel through opening two new branches located in Berlin, Germany and Bordeaux. France.

The announcement came through the Ubisoft Blog. Ubisoft plans on hiring around 50 people in each studio’s first year. The aim of these two new branches is mainly assisting “in developing new AAA games for some of Ubisoft’s biggest franchises.”

The new studios demonstrate Ubisoft’s commitment to developing enriching, immersive game worlds and world-class entertainment franchises. They will plug into Ubisoft’s cross-studio collaboration approach, in which Ubisoft studios from across the globe work together on AAA game development, with each studio providing distinct contributions based on their areas of expertise. With four established studios in France and two in Germany, Ubisoft already has a strong presence in the two countries’ video game ecosystems. By opening these two new studios, Ubisoft is creating additional opportunities for local talent and adding to the expertise of its respective local teams.

Bordeaux’s branch is expected help with the development of Just Dance, Steep, and Ghost Recon Wildlands. What do you think of Ubisoft’s decision to open two new studios? Will it help them produce better and more polished games?